Curriculum Enhancement


With the learning scenario changing, it is the need of time that preschools, early childhood centres, activity centres and educators move ahead of the conventional learning methodologies, and adopt a child centric futuristic curriculum that is a blend of academic and skill development learning. Those who cater to this futuristic demand will create a niche in the competitive market.


  • Child-centric, research-based and logical customised programmes for new as well as existing centres that fit well in the existing curriculum
  • Clearing the shortcomings, and propose ways to improve learning
  • Map a curriculum based on local needs and location of the preschool
  • Flexibility to choose from quarterly, half-yearly, annual packages
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ training for implementing curriculum and activities
  • Customised learning kits that includes worksheets, activities, games, science kit etc
  • End-to-end support in implementation
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