About Us

The Progressive Minds Consultancy is a unique platform that offers customised learning services and solutions to preschools, early childhood educators, activity centres, parents and individuals to create a successful brand and niche in the already competitive market and world.


Believing in the adage that ‘working together makes dream work’, we, with our experienced team of early childhood professionals, and your vision, together can drive to build a fun, child-centric learning experience that will draw a success story for your centre and children as well.


Academics learned at school play a key role in children’s growth. The 21st century education demands a right mix of curriculum, learning activities and skills. It is important to welcome and implement these futuristic changes now for a strong foundation of your centre and children in the future.

We, together can work to change the way preschools and early education deliver, by filling in the vacuum in the learning space, and making an impact in the early education expanse.


There are several preschools that run the franchise model, and many who function independently. In either ways, they follow the conventional curriculum and learning methods which fails to deliver the required futuristic broader learning.

It is need of the hour that preschools, centres and parents implement changes and go beyond the conventional learning methods. We ensure that your centre and children get the right direction, and don’t get lost in the competitive market and upcoming professional and personal world respectively.

The Professional Minds Consultancy is passionate about going beyond the conventional teaching and learning methods. We develop logical curriculum that focus on developing the key skills at right age for our early learners that will give a new dimension to early childhood centres and children.


Children are growing up in the transforming world. What suits us today will not be the perfect scenario for our children in the future.

Being passionate and having worked closely with children, the one thing that I learnt is that a child’s learning and his curiosity has no boundaries. You can’t force them to learn the same way every year, missing out on the futuristic demands.

Why not the preschools and parents adopt a more practical approach in their curriculum and learning methods by adopting fun, innovative life skills to prepare the child to face everyday challenges?

Being a parent, educator and a former media professional, I believe that a balanced blend of academics with life skills will make the children self-aware, critical thinkers, better collaborators, communicators, responsible, self-controlled and socially and emotionally strong.

Every child is unique. And, change is never easy. They are in the same state of mind that we were when we did our ‘many first things’. My dream is to connect with every preschool, centres, teachers and parents who wish to give their centres and children a new dimension without compromising on the kids’ happiness!

Shubhangi Warkari

Founder - The Progressive Minds Consultancy